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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Jul 19, 2024 


This week a hiker spotlight on our friend Rhonda Willette - Rhonda is a frequent hiker who has completed the 4000 footers of NH and the New England 67. She has a wealth of experience and is very involved with the Hiking Buddies so we will talk about her background...

Jul 12, 2024 


This week, we are joined by Heather Harland-Wingate. Heather is an experienced hiker and white mountains volunteer. She has previously worked as part of the AMC Hut croo and now works as a volunteer to help get the huts ready for their season and she is a trail...

Jul 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July !!!!!!!!


While we are off on holiday, here is a mix to add some spice to your Independence Day BBQ. 


See you next week!


M & S


Jun 28, 2024 

This week, we catch up on some recent search and rescue news on Monadnock, Wild River and Old Bridle Path, a recap of wild weather in New Hampshire, a North Bound FKT attempt is coming through the Whites this week, 4th of July planning, a follow up from last weeks...

Jun 21, 2024 


This week, we are joined by friend Nick Sidla. Nick is co-host of the PUDs Podcast - The "Pointless-Up-and-Downs" Podcast.  A podcast about hiking and everything you talk about while hiking. Nick is going to share some stories about his travels out west and we...