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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Jun 9, 2023 

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast! Also known as SLASR. Join an experienced search and rescue volunteer and his friend as they discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

 This week we are joined once again by humorist, author and self-proclaimed “Worst Hiker in New Hampshire,”Ken Bosse. Ken was last with us for Episode 36, back in November of 2021 along with our friend Ian, talking about his first book “They Said It Would Be Fun: A Hilarious Journey Learning to Hike the NH 48,” published on Nov 29th. His second book, “They Said They Wanted More: A Hilarious Journey Hiking the NH 52 With a View,” was published a year later. Tonight Ken joins for a second time to chat about his latest book, “They Said Teach Us More - Solos, Winter HIking & Overnighters.” Graciously, profits from all of Ken’s books are donated to NH Search & Rescue. Tonight, Ken is also joined by trailmates, Ian and Dave, who will share their tales of adventure and elder abuse. Ken’s last visit had us all in stitches and we can’t wait to catch up with him and his goon-squad. r Swift, Alton Weagle Day, Tuckerman Ravine, Lions Head, RedStone Quarry and recent search and rescue news

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  • Ugly Tattoos

  • The Stomp’s new cat has arrived

  • Mount Chocorua - White Mountain Endurance race recap

  • Canadian Wildfires

  • New long trail - American Perimeter

  • Mount Everest Drama

  • How to update place names on Open Street Map

  • Jealous friend pays hitman to kill wife of her hiker friend

  • New FKT in PA

  • Hikers losing eyes, kicked in head by horse and cows attacking hikers

  • NY State search and rescue data

  • Topic of the week - Welcome Ken, Ian and Dave

  • Ken talks about his latest book 

  • Recent Search and Rescue news

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