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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Jan 19, 2024 

 This week we have a listener spotlight with our friends Liz and Dave (of Daveshits in the woods fame) joining us to talk about their hiking and outdoor adventure pursuits. They are both well experienced hikers in the New England area so we will talk to them about their background, we will expose the secret illuminati 500 Highest hiking group to the audience and learn about their gear preference, favorite hikes and plenty of other topics. All this plus the Garden of Eden has been discovered in the Catskills, Hot Tub parties are going to be harder to come by soon, snow shovel road rage, another story of a Vagrant homeless guy who turns out to be rich, a refresher on the rules of the 4000 footer list, gear reviews, pop culture, hikes on Owls head, Hiking and sledding Cannon. 

 This weeks Higher Summit Forecast

Welcome back to our sponsor - Fieldstone Kombucha


  • Welcome Dave and Liz, Scheduling issues

  • Condolences on recent Hiker Fatality

  • Carnegie Hero Medal

  • Old Forest near Catskills

  • Becoming an Outdoor Woman event coming up

  • Hot Tub closure and Legionnaires disease

  • Shoveling Rage incident leads to three deaths

  • Fun things to do, Haverhill,

  • MA man dies and leaves $70,000 in his backpack

  • Topic of the week - Rules of the 4000 Footer List (33:00 minute mark)

  • Starlink mini dish 

  • Dad Joke and Pop Culture Talk

  • Recent Hikes - Owls Head and Cannon (1:05 minute mark)

  • Notable Listener Hikes

  • Guests of the Week - Liz and Dave (1:18 minute mark)

Show Notes


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