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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Feb 9, 2024 

This week we are joined by Patrick Hummel. Patrick is the park manager of Mount Washington State Park. Patrick oversees and manages the operations of the 60 acres of summit on Mount Washington. Patrick has previously worked as the Supervisor of the NH State Parks volunteer program and he also worked as park manager at Monadnock state park. He has a lot of experience and knowledge of the operations, maintenance and logistics of maintaining the summit infrastructure as well as working to coordinate across the various stakeholders that work together to manage all the visits that happen on Mount Washington. In addition to Patrick, we break down the best gift shops in New Hampshire, Puxatawny Phil has spoken and he declares an early spring is on the way, and a recent hike on Mount Pierce. 

This weeks Higher Summit Forecast

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About Our Guest



  • Patrick’s take on the Hiker/Visitor dynamic around the Summit Sign on Mount Washington (6:45)

  • Maintenance of the Mount Washington Summit Sign

  • Lunar New Year & The story of why the Cat is not on the list

  • More Barbie Discussion

  • Best Gift Shops in and around the White Mountains

  • Waterville Valley - Winter Social 

  • Puxatawny Phil

  • Location of lost hiker drop

  • Recent Hikes - Mount Pierce 

  • Welcome Patrick from the Mt. Washington State Park (48:30)

    • Mount Monadnock and Early Career

    • Patrick’s advice on trails on Monadnock and SAR Activity on Monadnock (1:02:30)

    • Operations around Mt. Washington and coordination of stakeholders on the summit (1:22:15)

    • Post Office operations on Mt. Washington and current status of the Tip Top House (1:30:00)

    • The secret behind the amazing hot dogs and soda - food service (1:39:35)

    • Search and Rescue on Mount Washington (1:45:35)

    • Patrick’s experience in insane summit weather (2:18:30)


Show Notes

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