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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Apr 19, 2024 


This week we highlight a recent trip to the Tatra Mountains of Slovakia - we love the White Mountains and New Hampshire but occasionally we highlight other areas. We’ll break down the travel, the logistics and the culture around this beautiful part of the world. Plus recent hikes on Moosilauke and Welch Dickey, tick season reminders, more eclipse news, the head of a non profit trail association accused of fraud, and some highlights of NH’s historical markers. 


This weeks Higher Summit Forecast

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  • Thanks to Dave and Eric for sitting in last week

  • Tick season - Ant odors and Zombie Deer Disease

  • Volunteer Opportunities 

  • Happy birthday Xylo and cat rescues and climbers

  • Eclipse Wrap Up

  • 21 Types of hikers

  • Hiking Exoskeletons 

  • AMC Awards Ceremony - SLASR will be there

  • White Mountain Trail Collective caught up in a fraud scandal

  • Guy runs the length of Africa and survives

  • Zealand Road Update

  • Recent Hikes - Moosilauke and Welch Dickey - accidental bushwhack

  • Segment of the Week - Poland and Slovakia

  • Historical Markers


Show Notes


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