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Sounds Like A Search And Rescue Podcast

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast where we discuss all things related to search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 


Apr 14, 2023 

Welcome to the Sounds Like a Search and Rescue Podcast! Also known as SLASR. Join an experienced search and rescue volunteer and his friend as they discuss all things related to hiking and search and rescue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

This week, we bring you a story of an unlikely friendship, and the impressive perseverance of a community of hikers that pulled together to help out a friend complete a single season winter 48. Our friends Mike and Tom join us for a segment discussing their approach to completing one of the more difficult list pursuits in the White Mountains - hiking the entire 4000 Footer list over the winter season. I got a chance to talk to Mike and Tom about their friendship, the planning that goes into a single season winter list, the support they received from all their new friends, old friends and even some strangers. I had a great time speaking with these two gentlemen and I think the you’ll all enjoy it as well. All this and some Mount Washington History, pop culture talk, planning for a backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park and a segment about the history of Limmer Boots, a legendary local gear company out of Intervale, NH. 


  • Mount Washington Observatory - Higher Summits Forecast

  • Warm Weather and Naked Sleeping

  • EMS Episode 100 Recap

  • Summit Registers

  • Wild NH Day

  • Mount Washington Observatory History

  • Pop Culture Talk

  • South Moat, Yosemite, Mount Washington Road Race

  • Guests of the Week - Mike and Tom complete a Winter Single Season 4000 Footer list

  • Limmer Boots - History Segment

  • Recent Search and Rescue News


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